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Artist’s Statement

Through the medium of photography, I strive to enchant and seduce the viewer by exposing hidden worlds and cloaked & daggered details that the bare human eye cannot perceive. Through this unveiling, I often reveal hidden doors into worlds that can only be visited through my work. It is through a careful manipulation of light that these details and passageways can be uncovered.

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by this light and its effect on the most mundane scenes and objects. I never questioned searching for it or seeing it and being bewildered by it. When I witness this light and harness it to reveal the invisible, a sense of peace fills me and I stop thinking - I just shoot.

While my right brain assesses composition, design, light, and that all-important unveiling, my left brain calculates aperture and exposure speeds; there is a synergy between the two that is necessary to bring my vision to reality.

This vision is the result of a tumultuous childhood. Born to a refined aristocrat and a brilliant artist in Geneva, Switzerland, I spent my tender years traveling Europe amidst the famed artists of the day. These travels soon extended to the world after my mother died and my father embraced a bohemian lifestyle to bury the pain of losing his love. My formative years were spent discovering Brazil, Africa, Spain, Italy, France, England, Greece, and Portugal and finally landed me in Southern California.

My years globetrotting the world alongside my father, famed artist Albert Feurer, gifted me with a unique eye for beauty, the hidden, and the unusual. Spanning a spectrum from haunting exposed beauties to breathtaking and mysterious Venetian alleys to the inner-philosophies of the everyday object, my vision will inspire you to discover and experience your unfulfilled hidden dreams and desires.

Bon Voyage,

Albertine Feurer-Young
Artist | Photographer


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